Mature Operators

The fact is, we are all changing, all of the time. As we age, changes in our strength, mobility and flexibility; vision and scanning skills; and the speed at which we can process visual information make us less comfortable and less in-control behind the wheel. These changes may be so subtle we don't notice them happening, but they are.

To help maturing drivers tune up their driving skills and refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road, AAA Central Penn offers Mature Operator Classes to provide practical guidance for drivers age 55 and over. (Beginning drivers should see our Driving School pages)

About the Classes

The presentations provide the latest information on visual scanning techniques and driver knowledge requirements. Discussion and class participation are encouraged during simulations of potential traffic problems. Overall, the classes enhance driver confidence, comfort, and safety, through practical guidance for traffic accident protection, while addressing the following critical topics:

Classes are held two days per week at four hours each day, for a total of eight hours. There are no written exams and no on-the-road driving.

Insurance Discounts

Participants who successfully complete the class are eligible for a three-year auto insurance premium discount of up to 5%. Check with your agent for details. If you're not insured by AAA, get a quote now - and find out how affordable our legendary coverage can be!

Class Registration

Those registering for the 4-hour refresher classes must provide verification that they took an 8-hour class - or a previous 4-hour refresher class - within the last 3 years to be eligible. To register for a class, call AAA Central Penn at 1-800-723-7021 or print, fill out, and mail in this registration form.

4-Hour Refresher Class8-Hour Class
$20.00 Member $22.00 Member
$35.00 Non-Member$41.00 Non-Member
$30.00 Couple (both are members) $32.00 Couple (both are members)

4-Hour Classes

November 2015

AAA Central Penn 2301 Paxton Church Road
Park in upper lot & enter at Door #2
4-hour refresher
November 9

December 2015

AAA Central Penn, 2301 Paxton Church Road; Park in upper lot & enter at Door #2
4-hour refresher
December 7 **
5:30 - 9:30pm

Lancaster **
804 Estelle Drive
4-hour refresher
December 10

Hummelstown **
1142 Mae Street
4-hour refresher
December 14
5:30pm - 9:30pm

8-Hour Classes

Classes will be listed as they're scheduled

** Denotes last class of the year (type of class at particular location)

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