AAA Priority Service

Is Anyone Ever Really Prepared For A Vehicle Breakdown?

Probably not. However, as a AAA member, you've got the inside track when you need a trusted repair solution. AAA Central Penn is proud to announce Priority Service, a new program that extends its renowned service from the roadside into the repair bay. AAA Priority Service is an enhanced member assistance solution offered by most of our AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) shops. When you call AAA for road service and your vehicle needs a tow, the club can advise you if a Priority Service shop is available.

AAA members whose vehicles are towed to a Priority Service facility receive:

AAA Priority Service Facilities

All of AAA Central Penn's network of Approved Auto Repair shops are required to be Priority Service facilities as a standard of being an AAR facility. With the requirements for becoming a Approved Auto Repair facility being as demanding as they are, this enables them to bring their skill and know how to your vehicle and quickly repair it after it has broken down. The Priority Service program is not available at AAA Approved Auto Body repair facilities.

In addition all AAA Priority Service facilities are first and foremost Approved Auto Repair facilities having been certified in the AAR program and offering all the benefits of this program to AAA members.

These benefits include:

The next time your vehicle needs a tow, ask your AAA club representative is a Priority Service facility is available to save you time, trouble, and money!

For more information about the AAA Priority Service or Approved Auto Repair programs call (717) 657-2244 x 1004 or e-mail Bruce Phillips, Approved Auto Repair manager at

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