In Car Brush Up Lessons

In-Car Brush Ups Lessons

If your driving skills are a bit rusty because you haven't driven for a while, you've developed some bad driving habits, or even if you just need to hone your parallel parking skills, then 1 or more hours of in-car instruction with one of our professional, state-certified driving instructors may be the perfect solution.

We provide flexible, hourly scheduling in one of our training cars to fulfill your needs.

AAA Members Non-Members
$80 Member $90 Non-Member

If you purchase 6 or more hours, the member cost goes down to $55.00/hour, or $60.84/hour for non-members.

Please download and print this In-car Driving School Enrollment Form to sign up for lessons. Send the completed form, along with full payment, to the AAA Driving School to start the enrollment process.

Please contact the AAA Driving School at (800) 723-7021, or e-mail: for answers to any questions you may have about our services.

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