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Solo Travelers Club

Portrait of Susan Weigard

Club Director

Susan Sweigard, Solo Travelers Club Director, has been with AAA Central Penn for 29 years. She started as a Travel Agent in the Camp Hill Branch in 1990. Since then she has held multiple positions within the club and is currently the Director of Travel Sales and Operations.

Susan has escorted over 30 of our Discoveries group trips, sailed on close to 50 cruises and has visited over 40 states and countries.

Susan is single and as a result she knows what it's like to travel alone. She enjoys making new acquaintances and friends when she travels. She loves her work and takes great care of those who travel with her. Most of all she knows how to have fun! Susan says "It's fulfilling to sell travel and travel with AAA Members because I am making someone's dream become a reality!"

When Susan isn't out experiencing a new destination, she likes to scrapbook her trip photos, make jewelry, shop and most of all spend quality time with friends and family.

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Susan Sweigard
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