Robb Hower

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Phone: 717-533-3381 x 2427


Years Experience: 10

Area of Expertise: LGBTQ Travel, Spa & Wellness Vacations, Food & Wine Travel, River Cruises & Disney/Family Vacation, The Caribbean & Mexico

Favorite Destination: Walt Disney World

The moments and memories that define my life are ensconced in the wide-eyed wonder of treasured travel memories.  Whether that memory holds the first-time seeing "Tink" fly overhead as fireworks magically explode around her; the powder-soft sand squishing between my toes as I say "I Do"; the cool cacophony of dripping water cascading into a deep cenote; or the first time I stand dwarfed by a skyscraper that touches the heavens.  My life, existing between the pillars of a family that owned a transportation business and building memories for my triplets, has always been about the "wide-eyed wonder" memories that can never be replaced.

My role as a travel consultant is defined by a deep desire to see that same look revisited in the eyes of you, your partner, and the traveling family that surrounds you.  I am at my absolute best in life when I know you've just added into your life's tapestry, a thread of travel memories that - in its brilliance - lends a new thread of color that will never diminish.  I'd love to build an indelible travel memory for you!

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