Manage your Cash when Traveling Abroad

Local currency is indispensable for tips, transportation needs, small meals, and other casual purchases.

AAA recommends that you fully prepare for your international trip by ordering the appropriate foreign currency in advance. Doing so will help you to avoid exchange line hassles, high fees, and unfavorable exchange rates (typically offered in airports, hotels, and restaurants).

Traveler feedback suggests taking the equivalent of $100 U.S. dollars' worth of foreign currency per person, per day, to meet incidental expenses.

As an Exclusive Member Benefit, AAA Central Penn offers two options to serve your international currency needs: Foreign Currency Ordering and TipPaks®.

Foreign Currency Ordering

Over 90 different currencies can be ordered at all AAA Central Penn branch locations.

One or more currencies can be ordered at the same time, and various denominations can be requested.

There is no fee for transactions over $200 USD. If the transaction is less than that, a $10 fee will be charged. Your currency order may usually be picked up in just 2 business days at the AAA branch where the order was placed; however, severe weather, and other unforeseen events could cause delays in Federal Express deliveries, so be sure to plan ahead.


TipPaks® are convenient, prepackaged amounts of foreign currency for Members who only need a small amount for their travel abroad.

TipPaks® are available at all AAA Central Penn branches in the following currencies and amounts:

Currency Foreign Amount
Euros 100
British Pounds 100
Canadian Dollars 125

TipPaks® pricing in U.S. Dollars may vary according to daily exchange rates. Please call ahead for current pricing and availability.

Note: AAA Central Penn only accepts payment by cash or credit/debit card (may be subject to cash advance charges) to purchase foreign currency and TipPaks.