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Let’s Talk Travel with AAA, hosted by Sandy Fenton on WHP 580, is the only syndicated radio travel talk show in the state of Pennsylvania. Every week features a different vacation destination and valuable insight from seasoned travel experts.

"LET'S TALK TRAVEL WITH AAA" - Celebrating 25 years on the air - 1993-2018"

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Just in time for winter and cold-weather getaways, "Let's Talk Travel with AAA" will feature our beautiful Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Saturday, January 19th from 11:00AM-12:00PM on WHP580. January is "Learn a Ski Sport Month" promoting learn to ski or snowboard programs at the 22 ski resorts in Pa - including the premier skiing destinations in the Laurel Highlands and the Pocono Mountains.

We have it all in Pennsylvania!

Stunning snow-covered rolling farm hill scenery; world-class resorts & spa destinations; popular train rides; award-winning museums & cultural events; cosmopolitan and historic cities; wine and craft beer trails and family-friendly winter activities.

Yes - we have it all here in our backyard - Pennsylvania.

With over 17-million acres of forest and 83,000 miles of streams and rivers, Pennsylvania was also the first capital of the United States.

A few other Pennsylvania firsts include: the nation's first library, zoo, newspaper, television broadcast, radio broadcast, beauty salon and banana split.

Carrie Fischer Lepore, Deputy Secretary for Marketing, Tourism & Film for Pennsylvania - and - Michael Chapaloney, Executive Director of Tourism will be my expert, in-studio guests answering several listener questions and giving us an overview on winter getaways in the Pocono Mountains, Laurel Highlands, Bucks County, Pittsburgh and the Fred Rogers Trail - and so much more.

For more information, go to www.whp580.com and click on the link to "Let's Talk Travel".

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