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Let’s Talk Travel with AAA, hosted by Sandy Fenton on WHP 580, is the only syndicated radio travel talk show in the state of Pennsylvania. Every week features a different vacation destination and valuable insight from seasoned travel experts.

SATURDAY, October 21, 2017
11am - 12pm

"Tres Bonne Annee" is a highly successful non-profit, charitable organization raising funds (since 2000) through its wine-based events to enhance Central PA's arts, culture and education community.

Opici Wines is the 2017 honored guest. For almost one hundred years, the Opici family name on a bottle of wine has stood for high quality, consistency and value. A global importer and producer of fine wines, Opici Wines offers over 50 brands appealing to every palate and budget. At over 100 years old, Hurbert Opici serves as Chairman of the Opici Wine Group and is recognized as an icon in the wine industry.

Join my in-studio guests, Bill Kohl - a noted wine specialist ; principal at Greenwood Hospitality and the President of Tres Bonne Annee; Anthony Bianco - executive sous chef at Hilton Harrisburg; Alessandro Palombo - the third generation carrying on the long standing tradition of Italian vine growing and winemaking for "Luiano" and Antonio Zaccheo from the international award-winning Italian "Carpineto" wines - this Saturday morning 11:00am - 12:00pm on "Let's Talk Travel with AAA" on WHP580.

Highlights will include an overview of Luiano and Carpineto winemaking heritage and a history of the beautiful Tuscany region in Italy; why the Hilton Harrisburg is the top choice when planning any special occasion or event catering to all budgets in central PA - plus, the best ways to enjoy wine and food pairings without being complicated - so that we can all partake and enjoy.

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