Bicycle Roadside Assistance Program

AAA Central Penn's 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance program includes members' bicycles.

We like to say that AAA is with you on the road of life, and this coverage is a testament to AAA's dedication to its members, no matter how they're on the road.

Most people are familiar with AAA's Roadside Assistance program: when a member's automobile doesn't start, breaks down, or otherwise becomes inoperable, AAA will arrive on-scene to tow the automobile to a repair facility or the owner's home. Now, similar coverage applies to bicycles.

Imagine that you're on a 25-mile ride, when a broken chain, flat tire, or snapped cable renders your bicycle unsafe or inoperable. In the past, you could call your friend with a pick-up truck, hoping that he's home and not busy. Or leave your broken bike where it is, walk home, and drive back to retrieve it. But now, AAA members can simply call AAA.

AAA will send a light-duty service vehicle - equipped with a bicycle rack - to take you and your bike to a repair facility or your house.

This Bicycle Service works like any other roadside call and is available to all members, anywhere in the AAA Central Penn territory.* There is no sign-up or enrollment. Members can use any of their allotted yearly service calls for bicycle roadside assistance.

Program Benefits:
Coverage & Restrictions:

AAA wants to be there for its members, no matter how they're traveling. This program is just one more way that AAA is with you on the road of life.

*Not all AAA club territories offer bicycle assistance. Currently, most of Southeastern PA, NJ, DE, and Eastern MD offer support..

AAA is with You on the Road of Life