Driving School

AAA Drivers Training Courses

AAA provides a variety of driver training options to help make the roadways safer for every driver and passenger.

Driving Instructor - Girl Student

New Drivers

The AAA Driving School educational experience is designed to fulfill all Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements through both Classroom and In-Car instruction.

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Current Drivers

Regain confidence behind the wheel, refresh your traffic safety knowledge, improve driving skills, sign up for instructions with a state-certified driving instructor.

Mature Drivers

Mature Drivers

AAA provides driving assessments and classes to ensure each driver is comfortable behind the wheel and the roadways are safe for everyone.

Truck Driver

Corporate Fleet Safety

Our certified AAA driving instructors prepare drivers to safely operate company vehicles.

Request Roadside Assistance

Request 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Become a AAA Member

AAA Members have access to a variety of benefits and discounts.

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