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AAA Title Transfer Services

Any time you purchase a vehicle from a private seller or want to transfer the title to another person, you are responsible for transferring the certificate of title. Transferring the title is necessary for you to legally own and operate the vehicle, and complete the registration process.

Any time you purchase a vehicle from a private seller or want to transfer ownership to another person, you are responsible for transferring the certificate of title. Transferring the title is necessary to legally own and operate the vehicle and complete the registration process.

Whether you're buying or selling a vehicle, transferring the title doesn't have to be confusing or challenging. If you are a AAA member — or considering becoming one in the future — you can complete the entire title transfer process at one of our Central Pennsylvania AAA branches. 

What Is a Certificate of Title?

A certificate of title is an official document proving legal vehicle ownership. It serves as a certificate of ownership and contains crucial information about the vehicle, such as the make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN). During a vehicle's sale, the seller transfers the title to the buyer. It is crucial to have a clear and valid title to prove your ownership rights and to register the vehicle with the appropriate authorities.

The title also records any liens against the vehicle. If you finance your vehicle, the lender typically holds the title until you repay the loan. Once the loan is satisfied, the lender releases the title to you. If you sell your vehicle and the lender still has the title, you must pay the lender and obtain the title before transferring the title.

Keeping your vehicle title in a safe and secure location is essential, as losing it can be troublesome and obtaining a new one will require additional paperwork and fees. Always ensure that the title information is accurate when received to avoid any legal complications related to vehicle ownership.

Why Do You Need to Transfer Your Car Title in Pennsylvania?

Transferring a car title is critical for both the seller and buyer. Title transfers are also necessary if you're changing ownership without a sale, as may happen with an inheritance, a gift to someone else or a donation to charity.

You can face significant consequences as a seller if you do not transfer the title promptly and correctly. You could even be responsible if the new owner faces a violation and the title is still in your name. Transferring your vehicle's title protects you from these types of liabilities.

Transferring the title is also critical for the buyer. If you buy a vehicle from a private owner, you need the title in your name to secure a valid registration and to operate it legally. You are considered the legal owner only when the title transfer is complete.

Can AAA Transfer a Title in Pennsylvania?

AAA can assist with title transfers for members and non-members. When you work with AAA, we'll ensure you have all the required information and documents. If it's just your name on the title, the transfer process will be quick and easy. As an authorized messenger service and tag-issuing agent for PennDOT, AAA Central Penn has knowledgeable staff available to streamline your title transfer, plus support other PennDOT related needs like replacing or renewing your driver's license.

What Documents Do You Need to Transfer a Title? 

Before you can transfer a title, you need to ensure that it's in your name. While the required documentation can vary by state, you will need the:

  • Vehicle title. 
  • Bill of sale. 
  • Lien release. (If applicable)
  • Proof of current insurance.
  • PA driver's license or PA state ID.

Why Work With AAA for a Vehicle Title Transfer in Pennsylvania? 

At AAA, we make car title transfers quick and easy. Instead of having to wait in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you can instead stop by one of our convenient offices located throughout Central Pennsylvania and receive prompt, personal attention. Each office is staffed with certified notary publics ready to walk you through the title transfer process and answer any questions. 

As an additional service, visit any of our locations with your vehicle loan information, and we'll contact the lien holder to secure the original title for you. Without a vehicle title, Pennsylvania state law prohibits any authorized agent from issuing license plates. With the proper documentation, AAA Central Penn can also transfer an out-of-state title to a new owner that resides in Pennsylvania.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer a Car Title in PA?

If you are an AAA member, you can save with discounted rates when you buy a vehicle. Even non-members can benefit from helpful, time-saving AAA title transfer services for an additional fee. The transfer fee varies by transaction. Either the buyer or seller can cover the fee, which you should discuss before completing the sale. In most cases, you will leave the Central Penn AAA office with your new registration. PennDOT will mail your new title directly.

Contact AAA Central Penn for Car Title Transfer Services in Pennsylvania 

As a AAA member, you can depend on us for all your emergency roadside assistance, travel, and insurance needs. With your membership, you can also rely on our Notary Public when buying or selling a vehicle. Along with our vehicle title transfer services, your membership provides additional benefits.

Do you want to learn more about the additional services AAA offers? One of our agents will gladly walk you through all your membership perks, discounts, and services. If you aren't a member yet, call us at 800-717-4222 or  check out our available membership levels. We'll help you enroll today and take advantage of benefits like AAA title transfers.

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