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AAA Driving School Programs

The AAA Driving School provides a range of courses for new drivers. Whether you are a young driver taking the road for the first time or a mature driver who has put off getting your license, you need the confidence that comes with getting hours behind the wheel in challenging situations. The more you drive, the better driver you will become. Signing up for our classes will give new drivers the chance to experience all types of driving, from neighborhood to highway. 

Other than behind-the-wheel training, we also offer the 30-hour theory course online, in a classroom setting, or virtually. Gaining knowledge of the rules of the road before you drive can inspire confidence and help you become a stronger, more informed driver. Packages are available including behind-the-wheel and theory to perfect your skills, preparing you first for your driver's permit test and next for the driver's license test.

AAA Driving School

Looking for a driving school in the Harrisburg, PA region? The AAA Driving School educational experience is designed to fulfill all Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements through Theory (available in a class or online) and In-Car instruction. These programs can be taken together as a bundle or separately, but for best results enrollment in our complete package is advised. All instructors are approved and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

If both Theory and In-car sessions are completed successfully, young drivers may apply for a regular, unrestricted license before their 18th birthday (attend one of our Dare to Prepare presentations, for more information about Pennsylvania GDL requirements). Many insurance companies, including the AAA Insurance Agency, will lower insurance premiums for the student who completes both programs. (Check with your agent for discount information).

AAA How to Drive Online PA

AAA’s How to Drive Online has been customized to meet the state’s requirements for online driver education with thorough driving instruction delivered through videos, simulations and interactive exercises. The program consists of 30 hours of online driving instruction, and participants may log in and out of the online course as needed and save their progress for later completion. Participants are able to complete up to 2 hours of training per day, and may complete the course in as little at 15 days.  Upon purchasing the training, the participant has 120 days to complete the course. The program not only delivers the rules of the road and essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way, it may also qualify those who complete it for auto insurance premium discounts.

AAA’s How to Drive Online Pennsylvania is available at pennsylvania.aaadriverprogram.com and AAA Members receive exclusive pricing on this new online program. Upon completion of AAA’s How to Drive Online, students may add the 6-hour In-Car Training at a discount by enrolling in the Online Package. Driving School Fees are below.

Benefits of Attending AAA New Driver Training School 

When you enter our new driver training course, you deal with real-life situations on the road that you need to navigate to become a good driver. Our course shows new drivers what to do in a range of circumstances, allowing them to feel more prepared when they take the wheel. Benefits of taking our class include: 


  • Confidence for the test: We offer the opportunity to practice the skills you need to pass the driver's license test in Pennsylvania, including lessons on parallel parking. 
  • Proven methods: Our experienced instructors know simple ways to explain things so new drivers can understand, putting them at ease behind the wheel. 
  • Excellent results: Drivers who take our class gain skills to help them down the road. We'll give you confidence in your abilities and help you develop any skills that could use improvement.
  • Insurance benefits: Many auto insurance policies offer discounts to new drivers who have taken a driver training course.


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You want to be a confident, responsible driver. Taking advantage of all the training opportunities available to you, including AAA's new driver training, will help you feel ready to conquer the road. Check out all of our AAA Drivers Training CoursesExplore your options and sign up today.

AAA Driving School FAQs

Do I need to add my student driver to my auto insurance policy for him/her to be covered while taking Behind-the-Wheel lessons with AAA?

No, you do not need to add your student driver to the insurance policy during training. You will need to add him/her to your auto insurance, or purchase a separate policy, after the driver’s license has been obtained. Check with your insurance provider for details.

May I ride along in the car during the Behind-the-Wheel lessons?

Yes, the AAA Driving School encourages caregivers to ride along during lessons to have first-hand knowledge of their student’s progress. Teaching tactics observed at the Behind-the-Wheel lesson may help caregivers during their own practice sessions with the student. Riders are asked to remain silent observers during the lesson, hold all comments or questions until the end, and not to give instruction to the student during the AAA driving lesson.

Is my student allowed to turn on a driving app while being instructed in the car?

We recognize that many new drivers now use cell phone apps to track their driving lessons to comply with state regulations regarding driving practice time and weather conditions. AAA does allow students to turn such an app on before a lesson starts and turn it off after the lesson ends. All other cell phone use is strictly prohibited during in-car lessons.

Does my student need Behind-the-Wheel and Classroom instruction to get a discount on insurance?

Most insurance companies require that new teen drivers successfully complete a 30-hour classroom theory program (can be taken in-person or online) and a 6-hour behind-the-wheel program administered by a Pennsylvania-approved Driving School in order to qualify for a discount. Check with your insurance provider for details.

If my student wears corrective lenses, does he/she need to wear them for Behind-the-Wheel training?

Yes. By law, if a driver wears corrective lenses, he/she is not permitted to operate a vehicle without them.

Will my student learn to Parallel Park?

Yes, the AAA Driving School instructs students to Parallel Park successfully in the training vehicle. We ensure that students are thoroughly prepared to take their driving tests before being issued a graduation certificate.

What are the skills and areas covered in the AAA Behind-the-Wheel program?

Many different skills are addressed during our 6-hour behind-the-wheel program:

  • Pre-Start and Driver Set-Up
  • Moving Forward, Backward and Tracking right and left
  • Turns (2-point, 3-point, and U-turns)
  • Parking (perpendicular, angle, and parallel)
  • Driving in Country, City, and Highway environments
  • Visual Skills – Mirror Usage and Blind Spot Coverage
  • Lane Control and Changing Lanes 8. Speed Control
  • How to handle Roundabouts (traffic circles)
  • Negotiation of Stop Signs and Traffic Lights
  • Commentary Driving
  • Adverse Road Conditions (if available)
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