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AAA Financial Services

Our financial service offerings include savings opportunities, travel and money programs and ProtectMyID® service. We're here to help make your financial life easier. Whether you're interested in switching banks, planning for retirement or getting a new credit card with exceptional rewards, we have you covered.

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AAA Visa Signature® Credit Cards

AAA invites you to take a vacation from the ordinary with extraordinary cash-back benefits. Enjoy rewards for what you need and bonuses on what you love. Choose the card that’s right for you:

  • AAA Travel Advantage Visa Signature Credit Card: With cash back on gas and electric vehicle charging stations, along with cash back on travel and other purchases, this card will help keep funds in your pocket as you explore on vacation or work away from home.
  • AAA Daily Advantage Visa Signature Credit Card: Ready to get money back for the everyday purchases you make? AAA Daily Advantage Visa Signature Credit Card holders receive cash back on grocery purchases to help them save money on their favorite foods and money back on vehicle fueling, pharmacy and more!

No matter which AAA Visa Signature® Credit Card you choose, you can:

  • Rack up rewards without spending a dime on an annual fee
  • Receive travel and emergency assistance services when you need them most
  • Take advantage of zero liability for unauthorized transactions
  • Enjoy peace of mind with emergency card replacement and cash disbursement
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AAA Central Penn Cardholder Perks

is an exclusive list of bonus offers for AAA Central Penn members who use their AAA Visa Signature® credit card. 

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Savings Accounts

Invest your money with AAA-member-only rates on select CDs and more from Discover Bank.

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Identity Protection

Safeguard your personal information with comprehensive identity theft monitoring by ProtectMyID®, powered by Experian®. Essential coverage is a free benefit for all AAA members. 

Upgrade to the Deluxe and Platinum plans for added protection that includes:

  • Real-time credit inquiries
  • Social Security number monitoring
  • Child identity monitoring
  • Social media fraud supervision

Combining cutting-edge technology with a team of experts, we provide real-time alerts to spot early signs of fraud, so you can take action before it's too late. If fraud strikes, our Fraud Resolutions Agents immediately assist you in investigating the incident and resolving any issues. Enrolling is fast and easy — don't put this off any longer.

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Revolutionized Wealth Management Through Central Penn Wealth Advisors

A unique, full-service, independent financial services firm in Central PA. Their advisors believe in empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures with confidence and ease. Through them, membership isn't just a status; it's the key to unlocking unparalleled financial prosperity.

  • Comprehensive Financial Solutions: They offer a wide range of services to address every financial need, including comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investment strategies and advice, asset protection, and more.
  • Dedicated To You and Your Goals: Their team of experts are dedicated to providing tailored solutions needed to achieve financial goals. They will elevate expectations for a financial advisor through clarity, transparency, clear communication, mutual respect, and an unwavering dedication to your financial well-being.
  • Over 100 Years of Combined Experience: Experience isn't just a number—it's their foundation. The team brings unparalleled insight to every financial challenge. They're not just advisors; they're architects of prosperity, crafting tailored solutions that stand the test of time. Their advisors hold various accreditations like CFP®, AIF®, RICP®, and CRPC®, along with FINRA licenses.
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Foreign Currency and TipPaks®

Save time by ordering foreign currency from over 70 different countries through AAA currency exchange services.

If you're planning an international trip, we offer financial services in Central Pennsylvania to help you navigate foreign currency and exchange rates. Take advantage of our TipPaks® for additional planning expertise and guidance. The next time you fly out of state, you will travel with more peace of mind.

Foreign Currency Ordering

Over 90 different currencies can be ordered at all AAA Central Penn branch locations.

One or more currencies can be ordered at the same time, and various denominations can be requested.

There is no fee for transactions over $200 USD. If the transaction is less than that, a $10 fee will be charged. Your currency order may usually be picked up in just 2 business days* at the AAA branch where the order was placed; however, severe weather, and other unforeseen events could cause delays in Federal Express deliveries, so be sure to plan ahead.

*Contact your local AAA Central Penn branch to confirm timing.


TipPaks® are convenient, prepackaged amounts of foreign currency for Members who only need a small amount for their travel abroad. TipPaks® are available at all AAA Central Penn branches in the following currencies and amounts:

Currency Foreign Amount
Euros 100
British Pounds 100
Canadian Dollars 125

TipPaks® pricing in U.S. Dollars may vary according to daily exchange rates. Please call ahead for current pricing and availability.

Note: AAA Central Penn only accepts payment by cash or credit/debit card (may be subject to cash advance charges) to purchase foreign currency and TipPaks.

Identity Protection

AAA helps safeguard your identity with comprehensive Identity Theft Monitoring.

The safety and security of our members' information matters to us. That's why we offer financial services that include comprehensive Identity Theft Monitoring. If we notice any suspicious activity on your AAA Visa card or account, we will let you know immediately. We have a proprietary system that helps keep your identity safe and sound.

Membership Discounts

AAA membership discounts can earn you a variety of rewards, including for gas stations, vacation trips, your go-to restaurants, online websites and retail stores.

Discover More Incredible Perks of Membership

The benefits continue! As a member of AAA, you have access to many services that make your life easier and more secure, whether you need help with:

  • Automotive services
  • Driver education
  • Travel planning
  • Insurance offers

Your membership is an investment in your security, and you deserve to get the most out of it. Check out other benefits you are eligible for and learn how to take advantage of them.

Find Your Branch

Visit your nearest AAA branch to learn more about these member benefits.
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Membership Discounts

AAA membership discounts can earn you a variety of rewards, including for gas stations, vacation trips, your go-to restaurants, online websites, and retail stores.

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