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Membership FAQs

How do I get a Replacement for a Lost or Damaged Membership Card?

New membership cards are sent out every year along with the Membership renewal notice approximately 4 weeks before your renewal date. If you need a replacement card, please contact us at 1-800-717-4222. There is a nominal charge for a replacement card.

What's the difference between a Primary and an Associate member?

The Primary member is the initial holder of the membership. The Associate members may be a spouse or dependent children living in the household of the Primary member. Associate members, who don't live with the Primary member, leave the household or become self-supporting, are required to change their status from Associate Membership to Primary Membership.

Is any car I drive covered by your plan?

Yes, AAA membership covers the person, not the vehicle. You are covered in any car that you are driving or riding in, provided that it's an eligible vehicle. The Basic and Plus memberships cover four-wheel passenger vehicles, including rental cars. The Plus/RV membership also covers motorcycles, motor homes, dual-wheel pickup trucks, etc. If you wish to receive more information, you can reach us at 1-800-717-4222.

I used to live in another state, and am a member with a different club but now live in Central Pennsylvania. How do I transfer my Membership to AAA Central Penn?

We will be glad to help you transfer your membership to AAA Central Penn. Call us at 1-800-717-4222, or stop by one of our offices. Your membership with the other club will remain active until your current expiration date, but by doing a "courtesy transfer" to AAA Central Penn, you will start receiving our membership publication (AAA Now) with great information on local discounts and specials. Once you receive your permanent membership through AAA Central Penn, you'll be able to access the members-only areas of our Web site. We look forward to hearing from you, and Welcome to Central Pennsylvania!

What happens to my AAA membership if I move out of AAA Central Penn Territory?

Your Membership will remain valid until its current expiration date, and can be used at AAA offices in your new location. Please contact us at 1-800-717-4222 prior to your expiration date. We will be able to update your account and transfer your membership to the proper servicing Club for your new area.

How can I change my account address, phone number or e-mail address?

You can contact us at 1-800-717-4222, or you can Update Your Account from your My Account Page.

How much does a AAA Membership cost?

AAA offers several different Membership plans to choose from.

  1. Classic membership for Primary member (one person): $61 plus a $15 enrollment fee for a total of $76. To add an Associate member (additional person): $43
  2. Plus membership for Primary member (one person): $92 plus a $15 enrollment fee for a total of $107. To add an Associate member (additional person): $71
  3. Plus RV membership for Primary member (one person): $127 plus a $15 enrollment fee for a total of $142. To add an Associate member (additional person): $71
  4. Premier membership for Primary member (one person): $128 plus a $15 enrollment fee for a total of $143. To add an Associate member (additional person): $71
  5. Premier RV membership for Primary member (one person): $163 plus a $15 enrollment fee for a total of $178. To add an Associate member (additional person): $71

The $15 enrollment fee is only applicable during the first year of membership. To find out more about joining AAA Central Penn, please call 1-800-717-4222 or Join Online. All fees are subject to change

How do I renew my AAA membership?

You may pay for your membership by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover (or by cash if you visit one of our local offices). If you are a credit card holder, we also offer annual automatic renewal. Please contact us at 1-800-717-4222 for more details or renew online from your My Account page.

How do I change my AAA membership to a different level of coverage?

Please call us at 1-800-717-4222; we can help you over the phone. Alternatively, you can Upgrade Your Membership from your My Account page.

How long is my AAA membership valid?

Memberships are on a continuous year-to-year basis, with dues payable annually by the last day of the month shown on your membership card.

I need to pay for my AAA renewal - Can I do this over the computer?

Yes, you can pay your renewal online from your My Account page. You will find it helpful to have your bill handy for the online process. If you do not have your bill, please call 1-800-717-4222 and we will be happy to assist you.

I've traded cars since I joined AAA. What must I do to delete the auto I've sold and add the new automobile I've purchased?

You do not need to do anything when you get a new car. Just like a driver's license, your AAA membership covers the individual named on the membership card, and not a specific vehicle. So, for example, if you are riding in a friend's car and it breaks down, you can call AAA for road service (as long as you are with the car when the tow truck arrives).

Is there an age requirement for AAA Membership?

There is no age requirement to join AAA. Although it is rare, we do have some newborn members. These memberships come in handy when an infant or small child is often driven by others, such as a child care provider or babysitter. AAA Members who are not eligible to drive can also benefit from all of AAA's other products and services.

Can I get AAA Membership Coverage for my Motorcycle?

Yes, AAA Plus RV Membership also extends coverage to Motorcycles.

How will I know when to pay my AAA membership dues next year?

You will receive a Membership Statement prior to your expiration date offering you the opportunity to renew your membership. AAA also offers convenient automatic renewal services.

What is my due date for my AAA bill? It's not on my statement.

Your due date is the same as the expiration date indicated on your membership statement. To avoid interruption of services, please allow 10 days for processing.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my AAA membership?

A membership may be canceled during the first 30 days by the Primary member or by AAA Central Penn with a full refund of membership dues minus the new enrollment fee and less any roadside assistance expenses or club expenses incurred by the member during this stated period of time. Please allow 7 - 14 days for processing.

AAA Membership Renewal

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