Penske’s Keys to a Successful Do-it-Yourself Move


The secret to a good DIY move is to start early and plan efficiently. Plan not just for your moving day, but for the busy weeks before and after. Here’s a quick checklist courtesy of Penske Truck Rental.


Maximize Your Healthcare Coverage: TRICARE For Life and Medicare Advantage


Are you a retired veteran enrolled in both TRICARE For Life and Medicare? You may be eligible for even more benefits by adding a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C)!


How to Detail Your Car at Home


Whether you plan to spring clean or pre-winter clean your car, doing a full detail yourself is very easy. Vehicles that receive regular washes are still susceptible to dirt and dust in nooks and crannies! Regular maintenance and attention to these details are all elements that enhance vehicle aesthetics, improve your driving experience and contribute to vehicle safety and longevity.


Demystifying Medicare: The Benefits of Attending a 101 Seminar


As you near retirement or navigate the complexities of Medicare, a 101 seminar can be an invaluable resource. Here's how attending one can empower you:


Central Penn Wealth Advisors: Allow us to Introduce Ourselves


Hi there, I don’t believe we’ve met. Allow me to introduce myself, as you’ll be hearing quite a bit from me in these pages in the coming months. 

I’m Central Penn Wealth Advisors, the AAA Central Penn team of preferred wealth advisors and financial planners.


Aloha, Hawai’i!


Family Adventures Abound on the Hawaiian Islands.


Hit the Brakes: Reverse Automatic Emergency Braking Isn’t Foolproof


AAA recently conducted research on four popular 2023 vehicles equipped with reverse AEB with rear cross-traffic mitigation in simulated backup collision scenarios to understand how automakers are implementing these safety systems and how drivers can use these systems to avoid or safely reduce the severity of a collision.


Navigating Medicare: When to Enroll and Why It Matters


Turning 65? You may have a lot of questions about Medicare. The good news: you're not alone. The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP), starting three months before and three months after your 65th birthday, is your time to join Original Medicare (Parts A and B) without penalty.


Preventing Frozen Pipes


With the onset of cold weather, pipes are at risk of freezing due to sudden temperature drops, poor insulation or incorrect thermostat settings. This winter, AAA offers suggestions that can help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting, which can cause significant damage and expense.


A Magical Tomorrow: Changes to Walt Disney World in 2024


In 2024, Walt Disney World Resorts promises a year of excitement. Expect highly anticipated new attractions, immersive experiences, changes to park reservations, and more.

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