Travel Talks with AAA


Join Group Department Manager Donna Zeigler as she speaks with some of AAA's closest travel partners and the biggest names in travel. Each presentation is packed with itineraries, details, and insider tips that can only be found right here, directly from the folks who crafted these exciting getaways!


What Are Pedestrian Detection Systems and How Do They Work?


Anyone who's driven down a busy street knows how unpredictable pedestrians can be. One moment, someone is walking on the sidewalk next to your car. Then, they're suddenly running out to cross the street when there's a break in traffic. When neither drivers nor pedestrians are paying attention, it can lead to physical injury or even death.


In-Car Brush Up Lessons


So, your teen is ready to get out on the road and enjoy the freedom that comes with getting a driver’s license. But are they really ready for all of the dangers that come with operating a vehicle? There are thousands of motor vehicle incidents every day in perfect conditions — not to mention the many more that occur in heavy traffic, weather or those caused by distracted driving. 


Central Penn Wealth Advisors


Last week we welcomed our new partners to the AAA Central Penn family. AAA Wealth Advisors is a first-of-its-kind service for our club, with the intent to provide members with convenient access to financial planning services. 


10 Tips for Buying a Used Car


Buying a used vehicle can feel like navigating a maze of hidden history, covered-up issues and price traps. But if you know the right tips and tricks for searching, inspecting and negotiating, you might just end up with your dream car at a great value.

To help you score the perfect pre-owned car, we'll walk you through how to choose a used car to buy, what to look for when testing a used car, what to bring when buying a used car and how to close the deal. Buckle up for your lesson in Used Cars 101.


AAA Student Memberships: The Coverage Every Student Needs


Are you getting ready to go away to college, or are you the parent of a current student looking to save some money? Whether you're in high school, working through college courses or the parent of a student who will soon leave for college, it's a good time to consider joining AAA.


Your Guide to Member Services


Whether you decide to visit your local AAA branch in-person or simply pick up the phone, our Member Services are always happy to assist you.


AAA Emergency Auto Repair


Breakdowns and auto emergencies are nothing new for millions of people. Like any other machine, cars break down, but thankfully cell phones and quick internet searches make it easier to find fast service. Since few people plan for emergency repairs, it can become inopportune and even a safety issue.

The decisions you make during these situations are crucial. Fortunately, most problems are preventable, and with the proper planning, you can help avoid serious injury or costly repairs.


Safety Tips & Resources for New Drivers


The time has finally come — you or someone you know is about to start the journey of learning how to drive. While driving will feel like a challenge at first, you can rest assured there are many resources available to help you become a safe, educated and skilled driver. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know while preparing for your first few times on the road.


Emergency Roadside Assistance: Jumping a Battery


When the weather turns cold, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead car battery. As you hit the road to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, be sure you don't find yourself in need of emergency roadside assistance by understanding the signs of a dead car battery. 

If you need a jump-start, don't take the risk if you're uncertain how to jump-start a car battery. Leave it to the professionals at AAA roadside assistance

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