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When you want to give a friend or family member the gift of safety, protection and peace of mind, a AAA gift membership is the way to go. This membership gives your recipient the benefits of our unparalleled roadside assistance and plenty of other perks on your behalf.

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The Perfect Gift for Drivers of All Ages

Giving the gift of a AAA membership shows your loved ones just how much you care. Your friend or family member will benefit from roadside assistance when they need it most, plus other perks like accident protection and fuel delivery. With a AAA gift membership, you can check a name off your shopping list and enjoy a year of comfort knowing we will be there for your loved one.

A AAA Membership is also a great gift if you're not sure what to get a friend or family member. You can purchase a AAA gift membership for college students, new drivers and anyone you know of driving age.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you struggle with thinking of gift ideas every year? We can help you rest easy during the holidays knowing you have a plan for your loved one's present. This is because every gift membership is available in one of two ways: 

  • One time: Gift your loved one a AAA membership this year to start them out with reliable protection.
  • Continuous membership: Renew your loved one's AAA membership every year as an easy recurring gift.

AAA Gift Membership Options

You can choose between three categories when gifting a AAA membership to a driver in Central Pennsylvania. Each membership option offers a different level of coverage that also affects the price. Gift membership options available through AAA Central Penn include:

1. AAA Classic

The AAA Classic membership includes all our standard benefits, plus free towing for the first 5 miles of any request (4 per year). Additional perks include $200* in vehicle accident protection and free fuel delivery.

AAA Classic is available for $65* annually. You can renew the membership for your recipient each year. 

2. AAA Plus

The AAA Plus membership offers standard membership perks with the addition of 100 free towing miles per request (4 per year), free fuel, free fuel delivery and $800* in vehicle accident protection. Gift this membership for $95* annually with the option for renewal each year. Feel free to add motorcycle or RV coverage for an additional fee. 

3. AAA Premier

The AAA Premier option expands on the perks available in other packages. Your recipient will receive free one-time towing of up to 200 miles and free towing of up to 100 miles for the other three requests. Fuel and fuel delivery are free, and the recipient will receive $1,500* in automobile accident protection. Additional perks include trip interruption, home lockout and vehicle return benefits.

This membership is available for $135* annually with the option for renewal each year. You can add motorcycle or RV coverage for an additional fee. 

Get a Gift Membership

How to Gift a AAA Membership 

To gift a membership, you can be an existing AAA member, but you don't need to be. The most important thing to consider will be where your recipient lives. You'll have to select a AAA club that services the area they reside in. If your friend or family member lives in Central Pennsylvania, we at AAA Central Penn will be able to help. You'll follow these steps to gift a AAA membership:

  • Pick a tier: Once you know where to get a AAA gift membership from, you can select from our Classic, Plus and Premier tiers. Select based on your friend's or family member's needs and your gift budget.
  • Input your information: Since you'll be paying for the membership on behalf of your recipient, we'll need your information. You can either log in if you're a AAA member or skip to putting in your information. We'll ask for your first and last name, phone number, birth date and address.
  • Have your recipient's information: You'll need to provide your recipient's first and last name, phone number, birth date, email and address. Put this information as the primary member, and ensure these details are accurate since we'll use them to create your recipient's membership.
  • Add additional members if you want: If your recipient has household members of driving age who you also want to gift a membership to, input them as additional members. These associate members must live at the same address as the primary member.
  • Choose how we deliver it: Before you purchase your AAA gift membership, you choose how we deliver it. You can have it sent directly to the recipient, which may be ideal if you don't live near them or won't see them on the occasion you're giving your gift. If you'd rather deliver their membership package in person, have it sent to you.

When you gift a membership, you'll also get to decide whether you'll pay the renewal fees every year or if you leave that up to your recipient to do later on. Paying the renewal fees yourself will let you have a gift in mind for your loved one every year. Or you could let your recipient take care of the renewal fees so they can add extra coverage or boost their membership tier if they want.

AAA gift membership benefits

AAA Gift Membership Benefits

When you give a membership to AAA as a gift, you're giving more than valuable roadside assistance any time of day or night. While we are a leader in emergency roadside service, being a member with us gets your friends or family access to plenty of perks. Let your recipient know about the membership benefits they get with AAA, including: 

  • Discounts: As a AAA member, your recipient will have access to exclusive rewards and discounts. They'll save on tickets for travel and entertainment. They'll be able to redeem discounts and earn rewards at an array of retailers. Your recipient can even save at restaurants. Whether they support local businesses or visit national retailers, they'll save with their AAA gift membership.
  • Travel: A AAA membership makes a great gift for the traveler in your life. We make travel booking easy with a variety of travel services and travel packages for pre-planned trips that take the stress out of taking a vacation. For an even more stress-free way to plan, your recipient can book with a AAA travel advisor. We'll help arrange transportation and accommodation and help with foreign currency, passport and visa information, and so much more. Your recipient can even get travel discounts to help make their dream vacation a reality.
  • Automotive: As a AAA member, your loved one can rely on our network of trusted repair and autobody shops to ensure their car is in ideal condition. Whether they need a maintenance check, an inspection or more serious vehicle repairs, being a AAA member makes it easy. They may even get discounts and rewards at auto service centers nationwide with our automotive benefits.

That's just the beginning of the benefits you can give to someone with the gift of a AAA membership. Your recipient can also get AAA insurance offersfinancial services and driver education.

Holiday Gift Discounts

The gift of AAA membership is available at a discounted holiday rate for drivers in Central Pennsylvania. We offer new discounts and rewards like AAA membership gift cards every year, so ask your local representative about this year's options.

Gift a AAA membership

Gift a Membership With AAA Central Penn

Give the gift of peace of mind and protection to your friends and family with a AAA membership. Giving AAA memberships as a gift shows how much you care about your loved ones, and it comes with plenty of perks they'll use year-round. Whether you gift a membership for the holidays, a birthday or another special occasion, your loved ones are sure to appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

If your recipient resides within Central Pennsylvania, we at AAA Central Penn can help you gift a membership. Check out the details or email us at with any questions today.

*Prices are accurate as of the posting date.

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