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Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Riding your bike offers so many physical and mental benefits. You get to enjoy some great exercise while spending time outdoors, which can clear your mind and energize you after a long day. Biking also offers an environmentally friendly way to navigate to your favorite places. 

Bikes can experience problems just like other vehicles, though. Tires can flatten, or the chain may come off the bike. Fortunately, AAA offers bicycle roadside assistance when you need it.

With AAA bicycle roadside assistance coverage, you'll receive transportation when you break down or run into any problem with your bike. This coverage is just another way AAA helps you with your travel and transportation needs, no matter what they are.

Who Can Get AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance? 

We offer transportation services to riders who have disabled or inoperable bikes. All AAA members qualify for AAA roadside assistance for bicycles. You can receive our benefits even if your bike is a rental or you blow a tire on a trailer you pull with your bike. 

How do you get AAA bicycle roadside assistance? It works the same way as requesting roadside assistance for any vehicle. Just call the number on your AAA card or log onto our mobile app to report a problem. You'll need to stay with the bike to receive service, and you must show your membership card when the AAA assistance arrives. 

What Type of AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance Can You Get? 

When you have a AAA membership, you can receive all types of roadside assistance when your bicycle breaks down. We can transport you as part of your roadside assistance allotment, taking your bike to a point of safety within the range of the breakdown. We can take those with a Classic membership 5 miles. Plus members get 100 miles, and Premium members receive 200 miles once and 100 miles in subsequent transports. 

When you take to the road for a long bike trip, you don't need to worry about breakdowns. We have your back. We can pick you up in lots of situations, such as when:

  • You become lost or disoriented on a bike ride. 
  • You don't have enough energy to bike home. 
  • You become dehydrated and need to stop biking. 

Our services don't include bicycle repair, but we can bring you to a place where you can get your flat tire changed or have the chain reattached to the bike. We cannot cover parts and tires or locksmith services. If your breakdown happens far away from a hard-surface road and we can't access you by vehicle, you will need to move to a regularly traveled road or parking lot so we can pick you up. 

Get AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance in Central PA

Start enjoying bicycle roadside assistance benefits today. When you sign up for a Central Penn AAA membership, you'll get lots of advantages — including discounts on car rentals and hotels, free ID theft protection and weather alerts. Check out our membership levels and join now. 

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