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This winter, when you are driving in the freezing cold and snow, think about what driving would be like if many of these technologies did not exist.  Having driven an air-cooled VW Bug back in the day, with poor quality heat and defroster and wipers that didn’t keep up when snow was piling up, I truly appreciate any of these items on a vehicle I drive.

  1.  Lane Departure Warning- Helps keep you in the lane when visibility is poor. Be aware though under certain snow and ice conditions this may not work properly or at all.
  2.  Adaptive Headlights- Not very common, but if you have them works great in poor visibility and when driving on curving roads.
  3. Forward collision Avoidance- Helps you avoid running into the rear of the vehicle in front of you, and if your system brakes for you, it can stop a crash.
  4. Antilock Brakes- These systems have been around a while, but with new technology they work even better at helping you brake in a straight line.  Beware though, they won’t make you stop in a shorter distance on slick surfaces.
  5. Electronic Stability control- Another system that has been around for a while, if one wheel starts slipping, it will brake it and transfer power to another drive wheel.
  6. Key Fob with Remote Start- Start your car from inside your house, helps heat up car, so the heater and defroster are available sooner for your driving comfort.  Just make sure you don’t start the car in the garage with the door closed, because you could get a buildup of carbon dioxide in your home if the garage is attached to it.
  7. Heated Wiper Fluid- Some vehicles today come with heated washer fluid systems, which is great to use if your windshield is iced up.
  8. Heated Seats and Steering Wheel- If you have these items, you know how great they feel on an icy cold winter morning.  Some seats also come with cooling units for the heat of summer.
  9. Heated Mirrors- Another great convenience item to dethaw your side mirrors.
  10. Power Door Locks- No more frozen door locks to try to thaw so you can get a key in it to unlock your vehicle.

So, keep these items in mind this winter when using your modern vehicle technologies and remember how cold that Bug of mine was! 

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Bruce Phillips
Approved Auto Repair Manager

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