Thousands of travelers adopt the RV lifestyle to explore the world and experience new places while living comfortably. With this RV beginners guide, you can start your own journey! At AAA, we aim to help you feel comfortable and safe on your RV adventure.

RV Types

RVs come in three categories:

  1. Class A: Class A motor homes include the biggest, most luxurious and most expensive models. These vehicles often feature large kitchens with storage space, bathrooms with showers, TVs and an onboard generator to power appliances and electronics.
  2. Class B: If you like to explore the outdoors, a class B motor home could perfectly fit you and a guest or two. Also called a camping conversion van, this fuel-efficient class often includes the smallest and most low-profile RVs today.
  3. Class C: This class balances maneuverability and indoor space, providing accommodations for up to six people at a time.

Choose one already outfitted with amenities like quieter stoves and more efficient air conditioning systems or customize your RV with solar panels, extra storage space and more comfortable seating.

How to Pack for Your RV Trip

Make packing easier by:

  • Making a list: What you should pack for your RV trip will depend on where you go, your vehicle and how many people will travel with you.
  • Leaving things you don't use regularly: Bringing too many objects can overload the vehicle and take up valuable space better used for must-have tools and equipment. 
  • Staying organized: Designated spots for your items help you keep track of your inventory.

5 RVing Tips for Beginners

RV living for beginners is a breeze when you follow these tips:

  1. Choose the right RV: Consider size, amenities, budget and fuel efficiency when selecting your RV.
  2. Plan the route: Before hitting the road, list all the places you want to visit to hit all the must-see destinations.
  3. Practice driving and parking: Before departing, find an empty parking lot or quiet street to practice turning, backing up and parking.
  4. Make campground reservations in advance: Campgrounds can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel season, so book your reservations ahead of time to have a place to stay.
  5. Take your time: RV travel allows you to go at your own pace and soak in all the phenomenal sights.

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