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What Approved Auto Repair Means for You

Since September is Fall Car Care month, you want to think about the care your car receives from your current automotive repair facility. If your car, doesn’t seem to be very reliable or you feel your current facility is not technologically savy enough to continue working on your baby, maybe you should consider switching to one of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair facilities, and get the benefits your AAA membership can give you by going there. Listed below, we give you the benefits and some of the standards these facilities need to meet to be in the AAR program.

In the mid-1970s, AAA developed Approved Auto Repair (AAR), an automotive repair facility recommendation and inspection program comprising more than 7400 automotive repair shops, body shops, specialty repair shops (for example, transmission repair), and repair shops throughout the U.S. and Canada. AAA Central Penn has been part of the AAR program since the early 1980s. Currently, there are more than 88 AAR shops covering the nine counties that make up our club footprint.

What does having an AAR program mean for you, our member? It means you have an easy and reliable way to find a reputable auto-repair facility that can help you maintain your family vehicle efficiently and economically. 

All AAR repair facilities must meet certain requirements for eligibility. AAR facilities must employ either National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified technicians or manufacturer-trained technicians. Reception personnel must be qualified to advise customers regarding vehicle maintenance, and a supervisor must be available to perform quality-control checks on any work performed.

In addition, AAR facilities must meet AAA standards for appearance, cleanliness, technical training, ASE certifications, tools, and equipment, financial security, and insurance coverage. Shops must also receive a 90 percent or better approval rating on a AAA survey of recent customers. AAR facilities are monitored throughout the year by AAA representatives and must undergo annual recertification inspections. 

AAA members receive a written estimate, if requested, on any needed maintenance or repair work. If the final cost of the work that is recommended exceeds the estimate by more than 10 percent, you will receive a revised estimate. On most repairs, you will receive a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first) for parts and labor. Replaced parts will be returned, if requested at the start of the repair, except those parts required to be returned to the manufacturer. AAA members may also receive a free maintenance inspection when another paid repair work is performed. 

If any dispute between a AAA member and an AAR facility arises, AAA will assist in investigating and resolving the issue. AAA’s resolution is binding on the facility, but you are not bound by the decision and may seek other recourse.  
In the Central Penn area, all the AAR facilities offer a Discount and Rewards discount on your automotive repairs. Discounts vary, so be sure to check prior to your repair with the facility doing the work.

To find a list of AAR facilities, go to If you wish to recommend an automotive repair facility for the AAR program, please send an e-mail with the facility’s contact information to

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