Slow Down Move Over

Emergency roadside assistance is at the core of AAA’s traffic safety mission. Yet, the men and women who help AAA members when they are in need also put their lives on the line every day. 

AAA tow operators respond to more than 30 million calls for help each year, working on roadside shoulders that are frequently no wider than four feet. Notably, the towing industry is 15 times deadlier than all other private industries combined; and an average of 23 tow operators are killed at the roadside every year. That means one service provider on average is killed in the line of duty every other week.

Because of these startling statistics, AAA is recommitting its efforts to increase awareness of and support for Slow Down Move Over laws. These laws (which are in place in all 50 states) are aimed at protecting emergency responders working along the roadside, requiring motorists to slow down and move over or change lanes, if possible, to give safe clearance. 

The next time you see a service vehicle at the roadside, slow down and move over. Their lives are on your shoulders.

AAA Central Penn will donate $1 to the Survivor Fund for every new membership in October.

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Slow Down Move Over
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