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When you think of AAA, you probably think about roadside assistance. We've been offering American drivers AAA roadside assistance benefits for more than 100 years.

You can also choose to add roadside assistance to many car insurance policies. It often means an additional cost, and you may not receive the same level of service that you enjoy when you become a AAA member. To help you determine the best choice for your needs, let's explore the difference between AAA versus car insurance roadside assistance. 

What Does AAA Roadside Assistance Include?

AAA is here for you when something unexpected happens. You may lock your keys in your car while pumping gas or get a flat tire on the highway. Whatever the situation, AAA can assist you in just a few minutes. All members receive access to our roadside assistance benefits, no matter where they're located. If you go on vacation and get a rental car, your AAA membership will still provide roadside assistance when you need it. 

Four services make up the bulk of our offerings: 

  • Towing: Members enjoy free towing service, and the benefits vary depending on your membership level. You'll receive four free service calls every year as a Classic member, and we'll bring you up to 5 miles for free. AAA Premium members get one tow of up to 200 miles and the rest up to 100 miles, while AAA Plus members enjoy up to 100 miles for free.
  • Fuel delivery: How many times have you underestimated how much gas you have left in your tank? You can receive free gas delivery to your location with a AAA membership when you run out of fuel. We'll bring enough gas to get you to the closest gas station. Classic members pay for the fuel, while Plus and Premium members receive the fuel for free. 
  • Battery jump-start: Whether you accidentally hit the dome light switch when you exited your car or your battery is on the fritz, you may need a jump-start from time to time. We'll come to you and provide it, and we can bring you to a service station if you need it when you have a higher tier membership. 
  • Extrication: No driver wants to get stuck in a ditch or a field of mud. Instead of trying to extricate yourself, you can call AAA for service. Classic members get one winching or extrication service a year, while Plus and Premium members enjoy two.

You don't have to pay extra for any of these services with AAA. They're included in your membership, giving you peace of mind when you're on the road. 

What Does Car Insurance Roadside Assistance Include? 

Car insurance roadside assistance plans tend to be more basic. Many lack the level of transparency offered by AAA, so you may still be wondering what your roadside assistance plan includes months after signing up for it. 

Some insurance companies charge you according to the services you use, and you might not know what you'll have to pay until the bill arrives later. The services offered in these plans vary depending on the car insurance company, but none have the comprehensive level of service provided by Classic AAA Membership — and we also have two levels above that. 

Some car insurance plans charge by the hour for roadside assistance. You might also have to pay more if you get more than one service, such as needing a tow after calling for a battery jump-start. The unpredictability of car insurance roadside assistance may not be ideal for drivers looking for true peace of mind. With AAA, you know exactly what you get, and you can plan accordingly. 

How Do AAA and Car Insurance Roadside Assistance Benefits Compare? 

At AAA, we clearly outline all our benefits when you sign up for our plan. You may have a more challenging time determining your benefits when paying extra for roadside assistance through a car insurer. The terms you receive will sound vaguer in some cases. For example, your insurer may state that they will bring your car to "the nearest towing facility." That will vary depending on your location, which means you may be stuck paying extra for something you have no control over. 

We also emphasize customer service in all of our dealings. We know that when you call from the side of the road, you may feel stressed, worried or frustrated. High-quality service is a must in these scenarios. We'll walk you through whatever the situation is, and our service representatives are trained to deliver the best help. Car insurance agents usually deal with different problems, and they may not be as well-versed in addressing the issues you need aid with. 

Plus, when you sign up for AAA, you'll receive additional benefits that you don't get with car insurance. These include: 

  • Car rentals: We give all members discounts on car rentals.
  • Discounts and rewards: You can also get lower prices at some auto repair shops and service stations. 
  • Multi-car coverage: If you aren't driving, you can still use your AAA benefits to cover a car where you're a passenger. 
  • DMV services: You can come to AAA to do certain tasks, such as renewing your vehicle's registration, and avoid the long lines at your local DMV. 
  • A mobile app: Our app allows you to contact us directly for help. It also makes it easy to track how long it will take a truck to reach you. 

We also prioritize prompt service. We want you off the side of the road as quickly as possible, so we'll work to get to you fast. 

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