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On Stage Alaska is happening in 2023

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On Stage Alaska 2023 - Join us for a free live event this September. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, On Stage Alaska covers everything you need to know about Alaskan travel destinations, tours, & cruises.

On Stage Alaska Presentation

Monday, September 25
Penn Harris Hotel, Camp Hill - 6:00PM
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Tuesday, September 26
Eden Resort, Lancaster - 6:00PM
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Note: Both locations will feature the same content

In addition to a short presentation by AAA and Holland America, this event includes exclusive show specials for attendees.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Your Gateway to Alaska

A sharp crack, a low rumble, and then, as if by magic a massive piece of ice shears from the face of the glacier and tumbles to the icy blue waters in Glacier Bay. It's one of the awe-inspiring spectacles synonymous with Alaska, but Alaska is more than just glaciers. As a land of contrasts, Alaska can take you from sparkling waters to snow-capped mountain peaks.

Denali, the "high one," is the name Athabascan native people gave the massive mountain peak that crowns the 600 mile-long Alaskan range. At 20,320', it is the rooftop for North America. The mountain's majestic beauty is unparalleled, and regardless of the distance traveled to see it, makes a trip here worth the journey.

Alaska is a place where young spirits and adventurous souls find a unique destination, and experience a rare, once in a lifetime vacation. It is here, in this great land that summer days stretch to midnight and beyond, and when night eventually falls, the northern lights shimmer in the sky, bursting with blues, greens, pinks and yellows, marking the path of the dancing aurora.

Whether you dream of riding the rails, panning for gold, hiking the backcountry, exhilarating river rafting, a quiet day spent viewing wildlife, or absorbing the history and culture, Alaska is a great place to create some unforgettable memories.

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