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Here are some suggestions for people who like to work on their vehicles at home. These can be purchased at different locations for varying prices; the general rule of thumb is that higher quality tools are more expensive – but worth it.

  1. Car Cleaning Kit - A bucket containing soap/wax liquid, wash mitt, spray glass cleaner, synthetic drying chamois, and soft towels will keep rides shiny and clean.  $25.00* and up.
  2. Wheel Cleaning Kit - Special wheel cleaner, wheel & lugnut brushes, wheel polish, and polishing tools. $25.00* and up.  
  3. Good Quality Tool Kit - An assortment of sockets, rachets, extensions, and wrenches in different metric sizes. Also, several regular and Phillips screwdrivers, torx bits and drivers, several types of pliers, and a quality toolbox to put them in. $69.95* and up.
  4. Good Floor Jack - To lift the car or take wheels off, you need a good quality floor jack that is strong and stable. $69.95* and up.
  5. 6 Ton Jack Stands - Once the car is in the air, jack stands are a critical safety component. $49.95* and up. 
  6. Mechanics Floor Creeper - To go under the car, a creeper is nice to be able to roll under it and move around. Consider the person’s weight and height when picking one out. $59.95* and up.
  7. Magnetic Fender Cover - Protect the vehicle’s paint with a magnetic fender cover. $39.95* and up.
  8. LED Headlamp - When you need 2 hands, nothing is better than an LED headlamp to illuminate those dark mechanical recesses. $14.95* and up.
  9. Portable Starting System - A portable starting system is the perfect tool, and many come with flashlights and USB ports. $79.95* and up.
  10. Smart Phone Cup Mount - When using a smart phone for GPS or to Google help with a car repair, secure it safely in the vehicle’s cup holder. $39.95* and up.

Give the Gift of a AAA Membership 

Give your car enthusiast peace of mind when they drive with a gift AAA membership for unparalleled roadside assistance and other perks.

So here is a good starting point to give your favorite car person a great Christmas gift. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!

*The prices stated in this post are current as of the time of publication.

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