Battling Battery Drain: 8 Sneaky Factors Impacting Your Car's Power


Take care to avoid these silent car battery killers.


Pet-Friendly Road Trip Tips


You may want to travel with your pets for many reasons, whether you're looking to make memories with them or avoid paying a pet sitter. Regardless, embarking on a dog-friendly road trip — or one with any pet — can be both fulfilling and stressful. Use these tips as a pet-friendly road trip planner before taking your animal friends on the road!


Temperatures Are Dropping & So is Your Car Battery


Before you break out the hot chocolate and curl up by the fire, make sure your battery is ready for winter. Otherwise, Jack Frost will quite literally be nipping at your nose while you’re stranded with a car that won’t start.


From Horseless Carriage to Horsepower


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How Long Can a Car Battery Last?


Your car's battery is essential because it enables your engine to start at all. The battery feeds the vehicle's starter by bringing an electrical current that powers the engine. If the battery is running low, the vehicle may be slow to start. If the car's battery dies completely, the engine won't start and you won't be able to go anywhere. To avoid getting stranded, maintaining your car battery's lifespan is key.


How to Check Your Tires for Wear


Ensuring you follow safe driving practices is vital to keep yourself, others and your vehicle safe. Keeping track of your tires' tread is an essential factor to staying safe while on the road. Worn tires are more susceptible to punctures, provide less traction and are prone to popping while you're driving.

You can keep yourself and others safe by frequently checking your tires for wear and replacing your tires when they become unsafe to drive with. We've created this comprehensive guide to explain how a tire's tread keeps you safe and how to check your tires for wear. 


How Long Can a Spare Tire Last?


No one wants to get a flat, but when you have AAA ready to offer you roadside assistance, you can enjoy more peace of mind on the road. Contact AAA Central Penn today.


Can AAA Change My Oil?


Check out this article, to learn anything from "When do I need to get my car's oil changed?" to "Does AAA change oil?" Find out how you can find a AAA oil change near you and preserve your car's engine.


10 Gifts for Your Home Car Enthusiast


Here are some suggestions for people who like to work on their vehicles at home.


Sending Your Child off to College this Fall?


AAA Provides these Car Care Tips for the College Bound.

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