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We’ve all been there at one point or another — in the excitement of packing for a vacation or rushing to finish the day’s errands, we accidentally lock our keys in the car. It sends you into panic mode, right? You may resort to frustration and anxiety, but the best thing to do is take a deep breath and contact you’re your local AAA car lockout service.

AAA provides members with roadside assistance, even when you’re staring at your keys from outside the car. Our AAA car locksmith experts are here to help you unlock your vehicle safely and efficiently, giving you a sense of relief.

What to Do if You Lock Your Keys in the Car

If you’re lucky, your car will have an electronic car door opener that doesn’t allow you to lock the door when the keys are inside. But in every other situation, you can lock your keys inside without realizing it. Instead of panicking, stick to the following steps.

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Double-check each door and the trunk to make sure you’re locked out.
  3. Look for the vehicle’s spare keys.
  4. Contact someone who has the extra keys or who can reach them.
  5. Know your location.
  6. Call AAA roadside assistance if your policy allows.
  7. Rely on a AAA tow truck.
  8. Stay with your vehicle until help arrives.

A helpful tip is to invest in a set of spare keys if you haven’t already. You can hide them somewhere outside the vehicle like in the bed of a truck using a magnetized case. You will want to place it in a hard-to-reach area where it won’t jolt free. Don’t position the magnetic case in a visible spot where people may see it and be tempted to steal your car. You can also keep a spare in your wallet or purse for safekeeping.

If you are close to home or can contact someone who has an extra key, have them drive it to your location. Even if you have access to the car’s trunk, you may be able to move the rear seats and crawl through the back. No matter what, remain patient and trust that help is on the way.

Emergency Circumstances

In a critical situation, like if a baby or animal is in the car, you will want to break the vehicle’s side window as soon as possible. Although it’s a risky and expensive move, some cases demand it necessary to save a life. In critical scenarios, following these four steps.

  1. Find something sharp — tools like the claw of a hammer, screwdriver or window scraper are ideal — but anything will do.
  2. Break the glass closer to the edge of the window where it’s weaker because the center is stronger.
  3. Choose to break the window furthest from the child or animal to prevent shattered glass from scattering onto them.
  4. If you cannot break the glass, call 911 immediately.

AAA Locksmith Benefits

AAA Car Locksmith Services and Reimbursement Services

When you become a AAA member, you have the advantage of receiving a service that travels with you, not your vehicle. As a leader in roadside assistance, our AAA car lockout service delivers incredible benefits such as:

  • Giving you peace of mind
  • Helping you in emergencies
  • Performing safe and efficient procedures
  • Providing a sense of security
  • Relieving your stress
  • Saving you money

AAA Locksmith Services

We are more than our legendary roadside service. Our experts care for your situation and work hard to deliver solutions on time. When you call AAA for a locksmith service, we send a technician or contracted locksmith to your location. They will examine the situation and determine the best resolution using the appropriate tools and methods.

Our AAA locksmith reimbursement program will reimburse your roadside assistance if you had coverage at the time of the assist, and you turned in your receipts. You will also need to fill out a AAA key replacement reimbursement form if you want compensation for a replacement key.

On top of our car lockout services, we also offer a AAA locksmith for house lockout circumstances. We provide you peace of mind and are always there when you need it most.

Membership Advantages

AAA offers incredible services for our members through travel and insurance products and access to a network of emergency roadside assistance amenities. The membership level you choose will determine how far you can get towed for free and other benefits. You also gain access to ancillary products, battery services, financial options and more options and more.

We offer discounts and rewards at more than 160,000 locations nationwide, along with coupons, free or discounted notary and auto title services. Our members enjoy a range of advantages to help in a wide variety of situations.

AAA Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about our AAA car locksmith and reimbursement services include:


Q: Will Opening a Locked Car With Electric Windows Damage the Wiring System?

A: There is always a chance of damage depending on your situation, but it’s rare, and the company will often fix any mishaps.


Q: Does AAA Conduct the Unlocking Process?

A: No, AAA contracts locksmiths to unlock your vehicle.


Q: Do I Have to Be Driving My Vehicle to Gain Assistance?

A: No, if you are a AAA member, you have access to our services, whether you’re the passenger or driver.


Q: How Does Reimbursement Work?

A: Reimbursement amounts vary by membership plan for parts and labor.


Q: How Many Miles Can I Get Towed for Free?

A: Your membership type will determine how many miles AAA can tow you, and you can get dropped off at a AAA Auto Repair shop or a preferred location.


Trust Us for Roadside Assistance

When you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being so close yet so far from your car keys, AAA locksmith services are here to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Discover the advantages of our roadside assistance services so that you can prepare for any situation. Our on-call representatives, technicians and locksmiths are here to help you, making getting back into your vehicle a safe and smooth process.

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