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AAA projects that by 2020, there will be more than 40 million licensed senior motorists on the road. As more seniors continue to drive into their golden years, AAA would like to help simplify their life with some valuable advice on the care of their vehicle and by offering mature driver classes. 

Auto repairs can sometimes be very expensive for seniors on a strict budget, and no one wants to pay for work that is unnecessary. However, not every repair situation is clear cut (particularly when it involves preventive maintenance), and different shops may offer different opinions about what work is necessary or desirable.

“When seniors encounter these differences, and the varied cost estimates that go along with them, they often assume the more involved and costly repair option is an attempt to rip off the consumer,” says Bob Darbelnet, president of AAA.

However, seniors need to take into consideration that there may be more than one approach to solve an automotive repair. For example, says John Nielson, director of AAA Automotive, “One repair shop may take a proactive service strategy that emphasizes immediate maintenance and repair to help prevent further ( and possibly more serious) problems down the road.  While, on the other hand, another repair facility may take a more reactive approach, deferring certain types of preventive repairs until the problem becomes more significant.”

Regardless of the service approach decided upon, seniors have an array of AAA member benefits that can prevent them from being taken for a ride.

For instance, repair shops that pass stringent standards and become part of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair (AAR) program offer quality auto care service. AAR facilities also offer members a free visual maintenance inspection when their vehicle is being serviced, and warranty their work for 24 months or 24,000 miles, both parts and labor, under normal operating conditions.

“Most importantly, adds Nielson, “AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities have agreed, by contract, to accept AAA as an independent and final authority in disputes over repairs involving a AAA member’s car.”

As part of normal use of a car, AAA urges seniors not to wait for their car to break down before identifying a quality repair shop. Do your research in advance, and know where you want to take your vehicle when it needs serviced in the future.

For senior motorists’ wishing to identify a quality repair shop near the home, the AAA ShopLocator® on can quickly and easily provide a list among nearly 7,300 Approved Auto Repair shops across the United States and Canada. If you have questions or comments about the AAR program please e-mail them to

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