AAA Central Penn travel agents like Susan understand that your vacation is so much more than a trip. When we plan your adventure, we consider the places you'll go, the things you'll see and the memories you'll create with family members or friends. Those opportunities are too important to miss. 

Hiccups like canceled flights are time-consuming inconveniences. After all, rebooking and securing refunds is not how you want to spend the beginning of your vacation. Let a AAA Central Penn travel agent take care of those arrangements so you can focus on your journey. 

Watch the video below to hear Susan describe how she combined her talent with AAA's brand name to ensure her clients got where they needed to go.

Let AAA Save the Day

Flights like the one in Susan's story get canceled for reasons that range from weather to mechanical issues with your plane. Without a travel agent to take care of making new arrangements, you may miss part of your vacation. 

AAA Central Penn's travel agents have the training, experience and resources it takes to connect with airlines, hotels and other essential businesses during your stay. When those companies recognize the AAA brand, they're more likely to help make other accommodations for you, even helping you get to a flight in another city. That's because AAA has a recognizable 100-year legacy of supporting and planning trips for our members. Susan's group experienced Alaska's natural beauty because she worked with their airline to find the best solution for their canceled flight. 

Book your next vacation with a travel agent at one of AAA Central Penn's branch locations. We'll be there to take care of any issues that arise so you can enjoy the rest of your trip. Connect with an agent today to plan the adventure of your dreams!

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