Imagine traveling with a trusted friend who plans activities based on your passions. Now, imagine if that friend had the partnerships and experience that gives you incredible opportunities during your journey. AAA travel agents like Don use exclusive resources — and what we know about you — to plan your perfect trip. While airlines and hotels recognize the AAA brand, Don learns what our individual clients love, and he incorporates those things into your next adventure. 

Watch the video below to see Don's attention to detail in action as he describes going the extra mile for one of his clients.


Set Sail for Your Next Adventure With AAA Central Penn

Moments like the one Don created for his client are just one advantage of booking your vacation through a AAA travel agent. Enjoy having an experienced professional available to adjust your plans, minimize inconveniences and even grant you access to special amenities. From flights and other transportation to lodging and daily activities, your travel agent will craft your ideal trip. At AAA Central Penn, we know the perfect experience looks different for everyone, and we have a 100-year legacy you can trust.

Like Don's client, you have interests and curiosity all your own. Whether you want to learn about the lives of literary figures, watch local artisans create pieces of art or try the most unfamiliar foods available, a AAA travel agent can help you make those things happen. They will do the research, make the plans and solve any issues that arise during your trip. When you book a vacation through a AAA travel agent, all that's left for you to do is experience your adventure. 

Let a AAA Central Penn travel agent take the helm and arrange your next adventure! Choose an agent from any of AAA Central Penn's branch locations and contact them today to get started on booking your dream vacation.

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