AAA Central Penn travel agents like Shelby have a genuine love for traveling. In fact, Shelby found her passion while planning her own trips when she worked as a teacher. Shelby combines her love of adventure and making arrangements with AAA Central Penn's training and 25 years of experience. With those qualities and resources, she plans the trips you dream of, and she makes sure you're prepared before you embark on them. 

Coordinating flights, arranging accommodations and ensuring you have all the documentation you need — these are just a few of the services your AAA travel agent provides. Having a professional perform those tasks streamlines your vacation. You'll also have access to your agent in case you need anything during your trip. Your agent knows how to handle missed flights and canceled reservations with efficiency and grace. 

Watch the clip below to hear about how Shelby helped a client and her nephew reunite with family across the globe. 

Plan Your Next Trip With AAA Central Penn

Without Shelby, her client's nephew may not have made it to Australia. He might've missed a chance to travel with his uncle and see the rest of his family. When you have an opportunity like that, nothing should keep you from the experience. Unfortunately, issues like the one Shelby described happen often when travelers plan their own trips. 

Booking your own flights online can cause you to miss crucial pieces of information, including what documentation you'll need. Those requirements change based on factors like your destination, and countries change their guidelines often. Travel agents like Shelby verify that you have the proper documentation before the day of your departure. You can spend less time researching and more time getting ready for your trip.

Connect with an experienced travel agent at any of AAA Central Penn's branch locations. Contact one of our agents today to book your next adventure!

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