Are you getting ready to go away to college, or are you the parent of a current student looking to save some money? Whether you're in high school, working through college courses or the parent of a student who will soon leave for college, it's a good time to consider joining AAA.

With a AAA membership, you have access to exclusive discounts on numerous products and services. You also get AAA roadside assistance — which can feel like a lifesaver if you ever have to use it — and a great deal on an auto insurance policy if you're paying for your own vehicle. You can become a member by joining your parent or caretaker's policy if you're still in high school or commute to college from home.

Learn more about the benefits AAA can offer high school students, inexperienced drivers and student drivers below.

Why Students Need AAA Memberships

A AAA membership allows young drivers to have access to important emergency services, but you can also gain benefits and numerous discounts on valuable products that are in popular demand with college students. Your membership includes savings on:

1. Towing and Labor Coverage

Accidents happen whether you're visiting your family for the holidays or have to make a quick trip to a convenience mart. Towing coverage ensures you're prepared for an emergency. You can make sure you have this service through your regular AAA-approved auto policy or by adding a roadside assistance plan.

With an insurance policy that includes towing and labor, you will have a plan in case of student car accidents or flat tires. This coverage is usually optional if you also have comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverage. AAA provides a roadside assistance plan to help make this added coverage more affordable.

2. Computers and Electronics

Whether you're enrolled in fully online classes or attend in person, a reliable, updated computer is essential. With a AAA membership, you can get several discounts on electronics, including PCs, laptops and accessories. The discounts extend to multiple retailers and brands, making your education more affordable.

3. Apparel and School Supplies

At the beginning of a new year, it's probably time to buy a new school wardrobe to replace your dated items. If you need new clothes for the semester, you may be eligible for discounts and gift opportunities with the Shop America VIP program. For new shoes or a new backpack, go to your nearest Reebok Outlet Store for a 15% discount. This AAA benefit is especially helpful for kids still in high school.

4. The “Dare to Prepare” Program

This program includes seminars for any young driver preparing to get a driver's license. Classes are designed to answer students' questions and prepare them to drive defensively. The completion of this additional instruction may lower a student's car insurance premium.

5. Financial Services

While you're learning to be more financially independent and budget your own money, AAA can help by offering several student-friendly financial products and services. This option provides assistance whether you need to open a new savings account, get a certificate of deposit or start a money market account.

Student Roadside Assistance

When you're away from home for the first time, you need all the help you can get when you have car troubles like a flat tire. Your schedule is busy — with many of your drives to class taking place while others are at work — and you need to be able to make roll calls on time. Roadside assistance can send help immediately and cover your expenses when you experience a breakdown or another sudden issue. This is a separate plan from your insurance policy, which only comes into effect when you are involved in an accident or collision. 

If you have a flat tire or your car engine refuses to start, you can get on your roadside assistance app or call your provider for help. Your provider will then contact and dispatch services to get you back on the road or where you need to be as quickly as possible.

You can add a roadside assistance policy in the following ways:

  • Combine it with your auto insurance company's comprehensive policy.
  • Receive it as a benefit from an employer or another organization.
  • Purchase an auto club membership. 
  • Purchase it on a pay-per-use basis.

What Does a Roadside Assistance Plan Help Students With?

Being able to call a hotline for help with your car is a welcome convenience when you're going to college. The services a roadside assistance policy offers include:

  • Key retrieval or locksmith assistance: Accidentally locking yourself out of your car is an understandable mistake when you have school, work and everything else on your mind. Roadside assistance can send over a locksmith.
  • Fuel delivery: Have you ever told yourself you would fill up in the morning, only to forget and end up dangerously close to running out of gas? Roadside assistance can deliver enough gas to help you make it to the nearest gas station.
  • Battery test: The responding technician can test your battery to see if it's completely dead before you get other services.
  • Battery jump: If your battery needs to be jumped, a technician familiar with battery issues can provide this service.
  • Towing to an auto mechanic: With your policy, you can get your vehicle to the nearest location for auto repairs.
  • Flat tire replacement with spare: Your tire is flat right before an important exam and you need to get the spare on. Contact roadside assistance and get a professional to change the tire.
  • Minor student car repairs: If you have a breakdown, the responding technician can troubleshoot the issue. If the technician determines your vehicle needs service repairs, your policy also covers towing.

Discounts for Students

When you join AAA, you gain access to discounts and featured offers that make your everyday purchases easier. Your membership helps you save money all year, which can really matter when you're a student.

Some of the things you or your family can get discounts on through AAA include:

1. Travel Discounts

Every student gets the opportunity to take breaks from school. As a member of AAA, you can make the most of your vacation time with travel discounts on hotel rooms, rental cars, cruise ships and much more.

Offers like this give you the chance to spend your seasonal time off by going to lifetime destinations at a more affordable price. You can also find discounts on attractions.

2. Fitness Centers and Workouts

If you want to make working out a priority next semester, joining AAA can also help you save on a gym membership. If you have trouble finding the time to go work out, this program can also help you find an online exercise regimen that you can practice anywhere. With the Active&Fit Direct™ program, you gain access to fitness centers and studios, digital workout videos and even lifestyle coaching. AAA allows you to save 10% off when you sign up.

3. Snacks

Having something to snack on is especially helpful when you're cramming for a long day or taking a break from homework to watch a movie. As a AAA member, you can save more than 20% on products from the Popcorn Factory when you shop online. You can also subscribe to wine delivery service Winc for a discount of 50% off. Check online regularly for more snack opportunities to save money on food. 

4. Meal Kits

It can be challenging to find the time to cook when you're in school and snacks only go so far. With AAA, you can get savings on meal kit deliveries, which will help you avoid making time-draining trips to the grocery store. You can get $65 off with Freshly on the first three boxes you order, and DoorDash offers 25% off your first order of more than $15.

Most meal kit services are customizable and have healthy options for a higher quality lifestyle. They also take the prep-work out of cooking, with neatly packaged ingredients and recipes to give you the perfect meal proportions. 

5. Gas

If you commute to school, you have a lot of rushing to do between classes, work and home. Having enough gas is always a concern, but with your AAA membership, you can save on cents per gallon daily at participating stations on purchases up to a set number of gallons. You can stack your AAA discounts with other rewards from the Fuel Rewards® Program involving products separate from fill-up services.

6. Car Kits

AAA provides more than roadside assistance for your vehicle. As a member, you can save 45% off an auto detailing kit with Zymol. You can also save 10% off with Hail Protector.

7. Event Tickets

You may spend most of your time studying or rehearsing, but you also need to find time to have fun. AAA offers members exclusive discounts on all kinds of water parks, theme parks and even live events. These discounts cover a variety of interests, including sports games, Broadway musicals and concerts. You can even get a discount on a trip to Disneyland. See how much you can save on your next spring break or winter holiday with AAA.

Adding Students to Existing AAA Plans

If you're a parent who wants to add your college student as a member to your AAA group membership plan, you can complete the process online. There are two criteria for adding a student to an existing plan. Someone you add must be:

  1. A household member: A college student you add must be a member of your household, which is possible when your house is the student's primary residence and permanent address.
  2. Willing to share the same membership: The added member will have the same type of membership as the existing account. If you have a basic, plus or premier plan, your student will have the same kind.

Navigate to the AAA site designated for your zip code. To add a member or associate online, sign in to your own account and look for “Account Actions.” You can then select the option for adding someone to your membership or adding an associate member. Fill out the student's name, birth date and email address to add them as a new member to your account.

Contact AAA Central Penn Today

Having an AAA membership makes being a student more affordable and manageable. AAA provides peace of mind for students leaving to start college in a new city and their families. If you're ready to enjoy a AAA membership as a student or have a kid going away for school soon, contact us today at 1-800-AAA-HELP to learn more about our services.

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