Movie ticket gift cards

Remember when you could head to the movies on a Friday night with nothing more than 20 bucks in your pocket? Times have certainly changed since then. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a film outside the comfort of your couch, but it comes at a hefty price, especially if you add some goodies from the concession stand.

Fortunately, AAA has you covered by offering AAA movie passes through our AAA discounts and rewards program. You can save money and benefit from being a member in more ways than you can imagine.

How to Save Money on Movie Tickets

According to the National Association of Theater Owners, box offices in the U.S. and Canada grossed about $11.89 billion in 2018. The average price of a movie ticket in 2018 was $9.11, which is a massive difference from what consumers saw at the beginning of the century when prices were $5.39 in 2000. Cinema tickets almost doubled after two decades.

If you’re like many consumers who like to save money, here are 15 ways you can obtain discounted entertainment tickets.

1. Apply Specialty Discounts

If you are a AAA member, you can catch discounts or free tickets to watch the latest motion picture. AAA has incredible offers online. You can also ask your theater about military, senior and student discounts. You may have to show an ID or AAA card, but the savings are worth it.

2. Ask About Loyalty Programs

Many movie theater chains provide customer loyalty programs. For example, AMC and Regal Cinemas discount movie tickets can save you some cash. If you’re an avid movie-goer, the theater will reward you for seeing films regularly via a rewards card. When you spend money on tickets and concessions, you gain points. When you rack up enough points, they will reward you with discounts.

3. Attend a Matinee

A matinee is a movie that plays in the afternoon, which is a much cheaper option compared to shows in the evening.

4. Buy Tickets in Bulk

Many movie theaters discount bulk ticket purchases because you’re promising to fill a specified number of seats. Buying wholesale can help individual friends, companies, community organizations and other groups of people.

5. Bypass IMAX and 3D Shows

If you want to see a movie in 3D or IMAX, you have to pay premium prices. Unless it’s a must-see action movie, opt for a 2D show to save money.

6. Consider Summer Movie Series

Summer movie series are often valuable if you have children. Some community theaters offer discounted or dollar tickets for older movies in the summer. It can be fun to re-watch a favorite. Check the theater’s website or social media for times, prices and films.

7. Divide Snacks Between People

We all know how pricey a tub of popcorn can be. Purchase a large size and divvy up the snacks, so everyone has the same amount. It can work for children or a group of friends, making it cheaper than buying food individually.

8. Eat Beforehand

Grab lunch, dinner or a snack before heading to the theater to help you avoid cravings. A full stomach will encourage you to not overindulge on nachos and soda and aid you in staying on budget.

9. Find Group Deals

Check group deal websites like Groupon where you can sometimes snag tickets for specific theaters. Or, you can use ticketing websites like Fandango, where the site offers a percentage of the ticket or a flat rate. Enter the code into the movie theater ticketing site. Be aware that convenience fees may apply.

10. Locate Late-Run or Dollar Theaters

A late-run theater shows older films that have been released for several weeks or months. Although you won’t see movies when they first come out, waiting can save you money. A dollar theater is similar to a late-run and both receive motion pictures at reduced prices from first-run theaters.

11. Purchase Tickets at the Box Office

Even though buying tickets online is convenient, you also get hit with a convenience fee. If you pay at the box office, you won’t incur fees.

12. Rely on Club Memberships

Places like Sam’s Club and Costco help you save on tickets. Inquire about discount entertainment tickets at the customer service desk to get several dollars off. Some grocery stores and gas stations also offer cheaper options.

13. Search for Discounted Gift Cards

Browse through gift card swap sites. People who don’t want their movie gift cards list them on sites like Raise. You can snag them for cheaper prices.

14. Sign Up for Theater Promotions

Receive promos and newsletters by signing up on a theater’s website or following them on social media. You can see special discounts, offerings, cheap tickets and concession coupons. You can also check out the theater’s app if it has one.

15. Use Credit Card Discounts

Some credit cards offer you perks, discounts or even cashback when you attend movie theaters. Check your agreement to see what you can earn.

Saving is a lot easier when you have the right resources and ideas. Now that you know of cheaper ways to enjoy the cinemas, it will surely boost your excitement to go.

Movie ticket gift cards

How AAA Central Penn Can Help You Save

Our rewards program includes a range of discounts at restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and online websites, as well as for vacations. AAA offers hundreds of deals and coupons to help you save money on entertainment tickets, electronics, travel and attractions, too.


When you’re a AAA member, you don’t have to pay gate prices. Whether you’re planning a trip to the movie theater or a theme park, you can save with our offered discounted tickets. We have a full list of attractions you can take advantage of like cinemas, theme parks, sporting events and concerts.

Get access to our AAA discount movie tickets by selecting our print-at-home E-tickets to Regal Cinemas. You can experience luxury recliners and 4DX and IMAX theaters. When you have AAA discount tickets, you don’t have to skip over the cinema’s awesome options to save money. You have instant access to movies and can redeem your discount AAA tickets at the box office or via the Regal Mobile app. Print and you’re ready to go.

We also offer AAA discount movie tickets for AMC Theaters. You can print your movie tickets on-demand or find them at AAA Club Alliance Stores.

Other attractions we supply discounted tickets to include:

  • Busch Gardens
  • Cedar Point
  • Dorney Park
  • Hershey Park
  • Knoebels Grove
  • National Aquarium, Maryland
  • Niagara Parks
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Universal Studios


Becoming a AAA member will also grant you access to online, local and worldwide discounts, enabling you to save on hotels, gas, groceries and stores wherever you go. Our reward program even includes travel points and cashback. Small savings now will develop into big amounts in the long run. AAA offers discounts on amenities, such as:

  • Best Western
  • Challenge Family Fun Center
  • Dell electronics
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Universal Orlando Theme Parks
  • Walt Disney World Resort


On top of tickets and discounts, being a AAA member allows you to relish in rewards and deductions on travel accessories, luggage, backpacks and more. We help you save on travel products you need, such as:

  • Handbags
  • Kids items
  • Publications
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Wallets

As a AAA member, you can take advantage of our hundreds of offers to save money.

Benefits to Saving Money on Entertainment Tickets

When you become a AAA member, you not only profit from our insurance programs and financial services, but you also gain membership rewards and discounts for more than 160,000 locations across the nation. Saving money on entertainment cinema tickets may not save you $500 right away, but over time, you can accumulate significant savings.

Pocketing a bit of money when you attend the theater gives you several advantages like:

  • Saving money for a wedding
  • Aiding you in emergencies
  • Financing vacations
  • Giving you a down payment for a mortgage or vehicle
  • Helping with education
  • Providing financial freedom
  • Reducing debt
  • Supporting you in the case of job loss

Our solutions save you money with discounts and rewards, while also giving you peace of mind with roadside assistance and a sense of security with insurance.

Become a AAA Member to Receive Entertainment Discounts

Begin taking advantage of our discounts and rewards by becoming a AAA member today. You can also reach out to our support team for more information about our products and services.

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