Sending Your Child off to College this Fall?

AAA Provides these Car Care Tips for the College Bound 

Before sending a son or daughter off to college with an automobile, AAA encourages parents to sit down with the child and discuss a plan for proper vehicle maintenance, as well as how to deal with unexpected problems when parental rescue is more than just a few minutes away.

Check and Maintain Tires
Tires are one of the easiest components of a vehicle to maintain, but they are frequently overlooked until something goes wrong. Every student should have a tire pressure gauge in their vehicle, know where it is located, and understand how to use it properly. Tire pressures should be checked at least once a month when the tires are cold.

Know the Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule 
Make sure your student’s car is current with all maintenance items prior to sending them off to college and determine if any future required services will come due while they are away.  AAA recommends that parents and teens review the owner’s manual and maintenance schedule together, then create a shared calendar with reminders so both are aware of any upcoming required maintenance or services.

Find a Repair Facility Near the College
It is important for parents to help teens identify an auto repair shop they can trust near their school in case routine servicing or unexpected repairs become necessary.  This should be done ahead of the time it would be needed. If unfamiliar with the area around a college, visit to locate nearby AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities. When first arriving at the college, AAA recommends parents and students visit the selected repair shop, so the child is familiar with its location.

Prepare for Roadside Emergencies
Make sure the teen’s vehicle has a well-stocked roadside emergency kit with contents suitable for local weather conditions during the school year. For added peace of mind, provide teens with membership to a motor club that provides reliable roadside assistance, such as AAA.  Remember, AAA’s many benefits including: battery service and jump starting, lock-out service, flat tire service, bringing fuel if your child runs out, and towing, are available to members no matter whose vehicle they are in, so parents won’t have to worry about their teen being stranded in a friend’s vehicle without access to emergency road service. 

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