Traveling by air has changed the way we think about the world. Centuries ago, people stayed within miles of their homes for most of their lives. Families seldom took trips or long journeys, and if they did, it was a matter of necessity. Now, with air travel, people can see new sights and visit incredible places with ease whenever they want.

Being a passenger on an airplane is more complicated than buying a ticket and taking your seat on the plane. You need to undergo detailed security checks, bag inspections and other forms of air travel security, which can be time-consuming. With Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck, you can make the process easier and more comfortable. 

What Is a TSA PreCheck?

Airport security is crucial in keeping people safe. Family vacationers, honeymooners and sightseers alike depend on the TSA's comprehensive security protocol. While these measures serve a functional purpose in keeping people safe, they also provide mental benefits for flyers. Some people may be anxious before taking to the skies. Thanks to these security measures, flights can be secure and peaceful experiences. Knowing you're safe while in the air is an important part of traveling by plane.

Anyone who has ever flown knows security lines can be quite a hassle. You have to stand in line and wait for your turn to go through the inspection protocol. When it is your turn, you have to take electronics out of your carry-on, remove items from your pockets and remove outerwear from your body, including your shoes. If you're rushing to beat the clock, these long lines and security measures can cause you to miss your flight. 

TSA PreCheck allows you to skip the longer, more intrusive security lines at airports. Instead, you'll enjoy shorter lines that use easier security methods, which respect your time and privacy. By paying a fee and registering your items beforehand, you'll receive preferential treatment at the airport to make the process of boarding the plane easier. And you can avoid the inconvenient security checks no one looks forward to. Keep your shoes on and your items in your bags with TSA PreCheck.

The TSA PreCheck program rewards low-risk flyers who are no strangers to the skies and know what it means to be a safe passenger on a plane. The service requires a one-time fee and expires after five years. During those five years, you'll be able to enjoy an easier boarding and flying experience than ever before. 

TSA PreCheck members are notified six months before their membership expires. And when service runs out, you can repurchase your TSA PreCheck program membership online to continue your low-hassle flying experience. You can even renew early with no penalties so you're always prepared for a convenient travel experience.

What Are the Benefits of TSA PreCheck?

You'll enjoy many TSA PreCheck perks when you sign up for the program. Here are a few of the ways signing up will change the way you approach air travel:


  • Use special lines dedicated to TSA PreCheck members: When you see long lines snaking throughout the airport security checkpoints, have no fear. There are TSA PreCheck lines ready and waiting for you to pass through with ease. In April 2021, 98% of TSA PreCheck members waited less than five minutes during the airport security screening process. The TSA may allow non-TSA PreCheck members to use these lines during times of extreme traveler volume. But even a long TSA PreCheck line will move faster than standard ones thanks to the decreased security protocol. 
  • Enjoy less intrusive security checks: If privacy is something you value, you should consider signing up for TSA PreCheck. You won't have to take off your shoes or belt or remove electronics, liquids or food items from your pockets or bags. You'll save a lot of time and feel more comfortable going through security at the airport. 
  • Feel more comfortable about the safety of your items: You spent a good amount of money on the electronics you brought with you to the airport. The last thing you want to do is take them out of their safe places in your bag and put them through a conveyor belt next to other people's belongings. With TSA PreCheck, you get to keep these items tucked away where they belong. Enjoy the peace that comes with knowing where your expensive items are at all times with this program. 
  • Avoid X-ray security machines: You can skip the X-ray security machine and go through a simple metal detector as a TSA PreCheck member. This process is quicker, helping you feel confident about making it to your flight on time.
  • Find a TSA PreCheck airport near you: You'll have an easy time finding an airport that includes all these benefits for TSA PreCheck members. As a government-regulated service, many airports offer the service with consistent quality and treatment across each airport. In fact, over 200 airports in the United States and 80 participating national airlines are involved with the program. When you're ready to travel and want to experience the benefits of TSA PreCheck, you're sure to find a participating airport near you. 
  • Experience affordable prices for the benefits: With such appealing and convenient benefits, you may think the price is high to join the TSA PreCheck program. In reality, all these benefits come at an extremely affordable price. In 2021, the total amount you'll have to spend for a five-year membership is $85. When you get all these benefits at such a low price, you can enjoy saving time at the airport even more. Many credit cards and loyalty programs will even reimburse enrollment and renewal fees.
  • Enjoy easy enrollment: Enrolling to be a part of the TSA PreCheck program is quick and easy. You can begin the process by going to the official TSA PreCheck website to start your application. This part of the process should only take about five minutes. From there, you'll attend a 10-minute in-person appointment at one of several hundred TSA PreCheck enrollment centers around the country, including some airports. After three to five business days, you should be ready to enjoy all the benefits of TSA PreCheck!


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What Are the Benefits of TSA PreCheck®?
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