Can I Get Traveler's Checks at AAA?


Planning to travel the world is exciting, but it can also be filled with a bit of stress. You want to be able to buy what you need abroad. From local travel to meals, souvenirs and services, you need some form of payment. Ideally, that form of payment will be simple to get and use once you travel. So what works best? 


What to Expect From a Vehicle Maintenance Inspection


Every vehicle has a variety of components that need to be checked routinely. Many parts should be inspected every 5,000 miles or so — which can often be done together with your oil change — whereas others only need to be checked every 20,000 or 30,000 miles. Each component should be inspected at the manufacturer-recommended interval, as failing to do so can lead to costly repairs or replacements. 

In this guide, we'll discuss the common components of your car that must be routinely inspected, what they do and how often they should be checked. 


How Long Can a Car Battery Last?


Your car's battery is essential because it enables your engine to start at all. The battery feeds the vehicle's starter by bringing an electrical current that powers the engine. If the battery is running low, the vehicle may be slow to start. If the car's battery dies completely, the engine won't start and you won't be able to go anywhere. To avoid getting stranded, maintaining your car battery's lifespan is key.


How to Check Your Tires for Wear


Ensuring you follow safe driving practices is vital to keep yourself, others and your vehicle safe. Keeping track of your tires' tread is an essential factor to staying safe while on the road. Worn tires are more susceptible to punctures, provide less traction and are prone to popping while you're driving.

You can keep yourself and others safe by frequently checking your tires for wear and replacing your tires when they become unsafe to drive with. We've created this comprehensive guide to explain how a tire's tread keeps you safe and how to check your tires for wear. 


Travel With Someone You Trust-AAA/Central Penn CEO Jodie Daubert


AAA Central Penn President & CEO Jodie Daubert joins WHP580s Sandy Fenton as her first “live in studio” Let’s Talk Travel guest in over a year.


How Long Can a Spare Tire Last?


No one wants to get a flat, but when you have AAA ready to offer you roadside assistance, you can enjoy more peace of mind on the road. Contact AAA Central Penn today.


Top Summer Car Care Tips


Summer’s high temperatures can take a toll on everyone – and everything, including your car. Extreme heat can push a car past its limits, and that can lead to some drivers finding themselves stranded at the roadside. The following tips can help you avoid becoming one of those drivers.


10 Tips for Safer Cycling


Warmer weather means it's time to dust off your bike and hit the road. Before you do, make sure you review these 10 simple tips to stay safe.


Enjoy AAA Samsung Discounts Today


Your AAA membership comes with more than roadside assistance. Take advantage of site-wide savings on Samsung mobile products and more. 

Start your journey now with these AAA Samsung offers. Are you already a AAA member? Keep reading to learn more about how you can save up to 30% on various Galaxy devices.


Spring Time Means It’s Time To Change Your Cabin Air Filter


The cabin air filter, a feature found on most late-model vehicles, cleans the air that comes into the interior through the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system.