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So, your teen is ready to get out on the road and enjoy the freedom that comes with getting a driver’s license. But are they really ready for all of the dangers that come with operating a vehicle? There are thousands of motor vehicle incidents every day in perfect conditions — not to mention the many more that occur in heavy traffic, weather or those caused by distracted driving. 

While you may not be able to watch your child at every moment they are on the road, what you can do is ensure they are 100% prepared to drive in any condition and that they have all of the knowledge it takes to drive safely. One way you can do this is by signing them up for safety programs like driver brush-up lessons.

What Are In-Car Brush Up Lessons?

Most people have heard of or have taken driver education or driver safety courses. However, not all drivers have taken or heard of in-car brush-up lessons. These road driving lessons are specifically designed for drivers who may already have their permit or license but need to get extra practice learning how to drive — especially when it comes to unique circumstances. 

These driving classes can cover many different skills when it comes to driving, such as operating vehicles in heavy city traffic. These lessons are great for both teens and older adults. Whether you’re a brand-new driver, a previously licensed driver getting back on the road again or an older adult wanting to keep your driving skills sharp, in-car brush-up lessons are the perfect choice for you to remain a safe driver.

What Do You Learn in Brush Up Lessons?

These special driver safety programs cover a wide range of topics and skills, and with the AAA driver safety course, you can choose from a few different learning opportunities. Here are some of the options available:

  • Parallel parking: Learning how to parallel park is a necessity — however, it’s not always covered in driver education courses or tests. You’ll likely need to parallel park at some point, no matter where you live. Through the driving lessons, you’ll learn tips and tricks for how to parallel park and become a pro in no time.
  • Highways and traffic: Driver brush-up lessons can also cover driving in heavy traffic and on highways. Merging onto the freeway can be difficult and dangerous, so you want to be prepared in any situation. If you live in a city, traffic is a regular occurrence, and often causes many accidents. By covering city highways, freeways and traffic driving in these lessons, you or your loved one will be prepared for these situations and less likely to get in an accident.

The Importance of Brush Up Lessons

So, why exactly are driver brush-up lessons so necessary? Well, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), incidental car wrecks are the third leading cause of death in the United States. No one means to get into a car accident, but thousands occur every day due to simple mistakes or lack of proper training.  

How can we reduce the number of car accidents? One way is to teach safe driving practices to new drivers and to ensure that all drivers know what they’re doing on the road. Being aware of your surroundings, watching for potential hazards and only driving when you are fully alert and in control are essential factors in ensuring the safety of yourself and others. 


In-car brush-up lessons are a necessary element in preventing unsafe driving and protecting others on the road. As Americans, we drive everywhere — some people even enjoy driving for fun to spend time with friends or listen to music. However, the reality is that every time we get into a car, we’re putting our lives on the line. 

By encouraging your teen, friends, family and older adult drivers you know to complete road driving lessons to brush up their skills, you can quite literally save lives. 

AAA Driver Education Programs 

 Need to improve your traffic and highway safety skills before moving to a big city? Want to make sure you’re still sharp enough to have a driver’s license? AAA's driver education programs are the perfect option for all of these situations and more! 

Your local AAA offers many different driver safety programs, including in-car driving lessons and online course options. There are programs offered especially for new drivers, as well as for drivers of all experience and skill levels. 

Some of the driving class programs for new drivers include:

  • Online + In-Car Training
  • Classroom + In-Car Training
  • In-Car Only Training
  • Online Only Training
  • Classroom Only Training

Options for current mature driver's license holders include:

  • Defensive Driving Class
  • In-Car Mature Operator Refresher: 1-hour
  • In-Car Mature Operator Refresher: 2-hour
  • Mature Operator 4-Hour Class
  • Mature Operator 8-Hour Class

In addition to these driving class offerings, other programs such as assessments, training for pre-licensed or permit-holding drivers and more options are available. 

AAA wants to make sure drivers are safe and protected when they get out on the road. To promote that protection, the AAA Insurance Agency offers lower insurance premiums for those who complete multiple training programs. Other insurance companies may also offer discounts for students who complete these programs. You can check in with your agent to see which discounts you qualify for.

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If your teen is itching to get out on the road, ensure that they have all of the skills necessary to be a smart and safe driver before handing over the keys. You can also confirm that your elderly loved ones are up to speed with new car safety features. By taking a car safety lesson, people of any age can learn new driving safety skills or revisit their existing driver safety knowledge. 

Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become a part of that statistic — sign up for a AAA driver safety course today. Insurance holders and AAA members get discounts on all driver education offerings, so you can sign up or give the gift of a membership and save even more!

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